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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Note to self. Sorry...

Rose Bowl Parking.

5 N to 2 N to 134 E.  ~1.5 mi to Figueroa.  
Exit - looping around to Fig.; left on Fig.; 
left on Colorado Blvd.  .25 to .5 mi on Col. then left on Patrician Way.  
Wind around Annandale Golf Course.  Keep to right.  
Rt on Glen Oaks Blvd.  @ San Rafel there is a road triangle.  Stay on left on Glen Oaks.  
Wind to bottom of hill.  Left on Linda Glen; go up hill.  Park.  
Walk down Linda Glen to Linda Vista.  Take Seco St. over to Rose Bowl area.  Map says ~1.5 mi.

To leave walk back up to car (!).  Back track on Linda Glen and Glen Oaks to San Rafel.  Left on San Rafel down to 134 freeway.

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