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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Always ask "Does it add value?"

In the spirit of offering guides to navigating life's challenges, here is a version of the heretofore very closely-held "Bill's Corollary*":
Always ask "Does it add value?"
This can be asked of anything - a company, a business plan, an individual's job, a person's life.
For example, what value do health insurance companies add? (Anyone?...)
Or, in your job, if you can't clearly see that you are adding value, you should maybe keep your eye out for another job, since your boss will at some point wonder why (s)he is paying you.
The creative destruction of capitalism is just nature asking of every endeavor - what value is being added/created here?
One could opine that many of Jesus' teachings are meditations on the Corollary. One could, but I won't.
There. You are welcome.
*What is Bill's Corollary a corollary of? Everything!

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