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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rosie is -Optimistic-? Yikes

Today he says "there are some constructive developments taking place, over both the near and intermediate term. They are worthy of discussion.":
  1. Lowest gasoline prices in five weeks
  2. Credit markets strong. $25B new corporate debt last week
  3. Obama's lead over Romney shrinking. (Vitus: Good? DR thinks good, less evil gument. But less gument is what got us all screwed up.)
  4. Mortgage rate at 3.84% lowest ever
  5. Troops coming home from Afganistan - peace dividend
  6. Energy supply, esp natgas, building.
  7. Millennials could fuel next bull market in housing - soonish
  8. Household formation on the slight rise
  9. Stealth positives in transportation - new Panama Colon Container Port.
  10. Weak middle class possible positive for business. (Vitus: Huge skepticism...)

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