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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Obamacare v. Glass-Steagalism: Lincoln crafted Modern America; Roosevelt created the American Middle Class. Regardless of What Happens to Obamacare, Obama Himself May Become The Hoover of the 21st Century. Sad.

Brad DeLong: I think Obama should already have designated a successor to Bernanke.

If you look over the past five years, Obama has been singularly bad--has been at least two standard deviations below the average president--in making timely appointments. It's not just that the Republican minority in the Senate has blocked cloture or that the Senate has failed to vote or failed to confirm. It is also that Obama has failed to nominate.

In a good world we would have a successor-designate already in place. People would be relatively happy. Uncertainty would be minimized.

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