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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A digression into "Technology", Google as A-Grad school Project

Recent versions of Chrome beta
  • Simply do not work on many sites
  • Won't go "back" on many sites
  • Need to be restarted occasionally due to runaway processes.
Lots of cool new features of course, but a browser that won't browse is much more than a waste of everyone's time.  General understanding is that use/functionality/expansion of the Web as a platform was a major theme of the very reason for Google's existence. 

This type of thing always raises the Google As A Grad-school Project issue...  The Reader thing again?  Will Google Docs suddenly begin to slide into disrepair?

What the heck is Google doing here?  Whatever will they be doing in the massive new buildings they are building in Sunnyvale?

Google Glass is cool and all, and if G wants to build it into a new industry, fine, but good luck.  Jobs created the modern cell-phone industry by, among other things, knowing that his dream for a mobile device had to be, above all, productized.

While Apple has productized many things, Google has productized only "search", and now one can reliably get at Google's sole actual product only through some third party such as FF. 

Meanwhile, FF continues to just work.  Safari continues to make (slow) progress at not being utterly brain-dead.  Even Opera works in general better than Chrome, although Opera's existential weirdness shows through.  And IE, if you have the misfortune to be on a Win. machine, will get you through the day in better shape than Chrome.


Of course, perhaps Page/Brin have a grand plan, the great subtlety of which renders it, of it's nature, unavailable to mortal understanding.

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