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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Welcome to the new normal of investing; buying bonds for the price; buying equities for the yield

If you want income. you have to go to the lesser investment grade part of the corporate bond market. and even here, it is tough to get even a 7% coupon these days. Or you gravitate towards the dividend growth and dividend yield areas of the equity market...

Moreover, investors are not buying Treasury notes and bonds for yield any more, but for the capital gain they generate - especially with the Fed‘s interventions takmg more and more duratlon out of the pnvate marketplace.

All the talk about who in their right mind would lend 10-year money to Uncle Sam at 1.6% obscures the fact that at low interest rate levels, returns get dominated more by the price changes in the hond. This is why anyone who, say, bought a plain vanilla long bond a year ago at what seemed at the time to be a puny 3.7% yield, managed to experience a 22% total return; or a 44% net return for a 30-year 'stnp' (zero coupon) bond.
---Rosenberg today

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