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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Emerging Markets Recco by Pimco, MS

 PIMCO expects the five largest emerging markets- Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico and China to “grow their economies at an average rate of about 6% this year.” As analyst Brigitte Posch wrote in her Viewpoints this summer, “that’s more than six times the average rate for the U.S., Japan and the eurozone nations.” Morgan Stanley Smith Barney put it succinctly in its just issued September Global Investment Committee Monthly. The title of the firm’s economic outlook section was “Developing Markets to the Rescue.” Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is forecasting U.S. growth of 2.7% next year, the Euro Zone’s at 1.4%, and Japan’s at 1%. Contrast those to its GDP forecasts of 9.5% growth for China, 8.7% for India and 4.0% for Brazil.
---Consuelo Mack, Wealthtrack Newsletter.  (free subscription here)

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