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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Comey Notes

We think that someone - finally - has arrived to save us!  James Comey!

Not so fast.  Why do we think he's the good guy now?

When he threw the election by "reopening" the Clinton email investigation, he either did it on purpose or by mistake.

If by mistake, he's both incompetent and stupid.  So no saving by him.

If on purpose, he certainly has not - now - for some reason - gotten religion, seen the errors of his ways, and is energised and dedicated to helping us bring down the Orange One.  Ie, if he's not stupid, and if he's still there, he's just as evil as any of 'em.

IMO, he's playing us, seeming to contradict the Orange One, lulling us to sleep.  Meanwhile he sees his mission as placating the masses, letting the furor die down, giving the Orange One time to wreak greater havoc and depredation upon them masses, who deserve what they get, being neither FBI agents or rich muthas.

Yep, we are being played.  Paraphrasing Krugman, however bad you think it will get, it will get much worse.

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