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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An Exchange, sortof, about Greece. Economic Nazism. The Totalitarian-Nazi Roundelay

Poorer than Greece: the EU countries that reject a new Athens bailout | World news | The Guardian

The Slovenes and Latvians have a point. Having visited Slovenia, Latvia and Greece no comparison between the work ethic of the Slovenes and Latvians compared to the Greeks. Latvia and Slovenia are more like Ohio and Greece like Florida. Could it be the climate-F. Scott Fitzgerald thought so...
Not sure the article makes sense.
Latvia GDP: $31B
Greece GDP: $242B
Essential question for other Euro zone members-do we bail out a spendthrift?
Spendthrift - not so much.

But the essential question really is - why does Germany want to kick Greece out? BC this is what they are doing. They keep moving the goalposts, plus, as it is, Greece can never do what is being asked of them. More austerity will depress the economy; they will need to borrow more, pay more, depress the economy more, etc etc. And what does Germany get when they do get rid of Greece? Probably a failed state on the bottom of Europe, with Jihad of some kind and all the rest.

IMO, the Germans are not dumb - they know this. So what do they think will happen? They think maybe Greece will be able to fend for itself, but if not the USA will come over and "contain" whatever mess is left BC it's very much in our national interest not to have Europe totally implode. Germany's national interest, short term, is to not spend money on international stuff, but rather hunker down and sell BMW's. It's actually a plan that should work pretty well in the short-medium term.

Should Germany be stepping up to help solve international/European issues? Of course - from our view, but they are saying they are too small to be Europe's police force or bankers, so fuck international stability, fuck "Europe", we're going our own way. Real-politic. As I said, probably a workable plan short/medium term.

As I further said - IMO.
 --- A day later, 7/14/15
I was right! :-)

At least about Germany trying to kick Greece out of the euro. They failed for now, only because they miscalculated how low people will bow, scrape, and crawl under existential threats. Next time, double the sanctions!

However, I feel I could be wrong about the Greece failed state thing. With articles like the above, more people will see and understand the horror of the economic Naziism being wielded by Germany in this situation - maybe coalitions will indeed form to support the likes of Greece. Maybe instead of Germany kicking Greece out, everyone else will kick Germany out. Ok... Getting too carried away by liberal idealism here. But I agree with the article in that Germany is now fully revealed as the bloodthirsty pricks that they are.

I have a new theory - Russia and Germany ally against NATO. Totalitarians and Nazis together at last! Bliss!

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