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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Uncertainty", Austerity/Teh Deficit, etc. - The Well-Funded Republican Propaganda Machine

[W[hen [Republicans] claimed to be worried about economic uncertainty ...What they really meant was that the economy will boom only once we get rid of the Islamic atheist Kenyan socialist, and install someone who will be nice to rich people. They grabbed hold of some research that seemed, if you didn’t read it carefully, to support their complaints, but there was never any question that they would drop the uncertainty thing the moment it became inconvenient for their real goals. And so they did.
It’s a lot like the austerity debate, where it was obvious all along that all the carping on debt was really a way to go after the welfare state...
The point is that there are a lot fewer good-faith economic arguments out there than a naive observer might think — and that’s precisely because powerful forces are doing their best to hoodwink said naive observers. --- Krugman; Vitus emphasis

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