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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WOT (World Of Twitter)

NEW YORK | Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:27pm EDT

(Reuters) - Stocks turned volatile on Tuesday, sharply cutting gains for a few minutes and then bouncing back, after a "bogus" Associated Press report about explosions at the White House.
Vitus:  Some folks lost some serious money here.  Since the drop and pullback was so violent, it was probably "professionals", so who cares :-).

In days of yore BT (Before Twitter) there was no way for AP to post a spurious instantly widely seen report. The issue of COT (Crap on Twitter) continues to rear it's head (dark-skinned male sought as suspect in Boston; Bullying, blah).

We hate the term, but we think Twitter, at least, has a good chance of "self-regulating":
A tweets:  CNN: North Korea nukes Japan!
---30 seconds---
B tweets:  CNN says this is bogus.
Tweeps will learn to watch for this.  Don't know what the longer term implications are.

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