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Friday, February 8, 2013

Companion to previous post - sent to Vitus clients yesterday

Vitaliy Katsnelson, who Vitus thinks highly of, thinks Apple is worth $600-800.  FYI. (below)

Vitus?  We think we are in a very stealth and selective bull market.  Lots of gut-wrenching pullbacks ahead.  The one thing which has changed for Vitus is that for the first time in our lives we are buying tech - modestly (stealthily; selectively).  These days it's a widely stated but not widely acted upon meme that the 90's-era tech world is the new value world.  Apple yielding 2.3%; Cisco yielding 2.6%, Msft yielding 3.4%.  Qcom 1.51%, Orcl 0.7%  Whoda thunk?

As we say, fyi.  

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