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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quote of the day

Republicans don’t care about the deficit. They care about exploiting the deficit to pursue their goal of dismantling the social insurance system. They want a fiscal crisis; they need it; they’re enjoying it. I mean, how is “starve the beast” supposed to work? Precisely by creating a fiscal crisis, giving [one] an excuse to slash Social Security and Medicare.  ...Vitus emphasis
Update.  So, the above is about one set of yellers about the deficit - Randian true believers who go forth into the world to rid it of undesirables:   Moochers, takers, and of course old people.  Sort of like an SS for the new era.  The deeply weird Paul Ryan is head cheerleader.

The other set is a (large) group of folks who's thing is simply to pay no taxes.  They've got theirs; why "give" money to anyone else?  No government, no tax!  But -  not to say the latter out loud - not polite.  Hide it in a serious-sounding (but content-free) argument about saving the grandchildren from certain destruction.  (Poor babies! - yuk yuk yuk)  Kochs and Petersons come to mind.  Mitt Romney, though, is a master.  Not only pay no taxes... arrange for the government to give you money.

What a country.

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