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Friday, November 2, 2012

Good take on the true nature of Romney

The truth is that Romney isn’t a hard-core conservative -- but he’s willing to act as one. Nor is he a genuine moderate -- unless that’s what the situation calls for.

Romney is a manager. The question is: What will he be managing? The answer, in most cases, is Congress. Presidential campaigns fool us into believing the central question of U.S. politics is, “What does the president want?” But the political system is constructed around the central question of, “What will Congress pass?”...

At this point, neither voters nor Romney have sufficient data to know how he would govern. With a Republican Congress, he would govern from the right. With a Democratic Congress, he would move to the center. If he faces a divided Congress, he will look for compromise to get “the best possible thing done.” Without knowing the composition of Congress, we can’t know the kind of president Romney would be. We know he can manage, but we don’t know which company he will be managing.
---Ezra Klein

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