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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Miltonus, defectum

Jonathan Chiat:  The Poetic Justice of Romney’s Self-Immolation

This [the 47%] is not a random gaffe, a joke gone bad, or even a terrible brain freeze. It is Romney exposed for espousing a worldview that is at the heart of his party’s mania. The idea he summed up at that fund-raiser was a combination of right-wing fever dreams I’ve been analyzing since Obama took office — the Ayn Randism, the fact-free class warfare, the frantic rage at a changing AmericaThe Republican Party is going down because its candidate was seen advocating exactly the beliefs that make the party so dangerous and repellant.
Vitus (Bill, the Recovering Republican):  After the many horrors of the W administration, my faith in my fellow Americans, and in the strength of American institutions, was restored when Obama, a black man, decisively and soudly beat a man whom I very greatly admire but who had been and still apparently is, presumeably due to his his unimaginable trials as a POW, a proponent of never-ending war, the joys of Palinism, and other hallucinational ideas.  The election seemed to be an explicit and sure rejection of lunatic rightist elements which had surfaced, supposedly (to many) briefly.  It seemed to say Ok, everyone, back to reality; back to the hard work of solving real problems, fixing long-broken government, and turning to face the problems of the future.

The election of 2010 though, brought a menagerie of utterly bizzare people, ideas, and actions to the national sceene:  Cantor, Ryan, Graham, McConnell, Koch, Creationism, debt ceilings, rampant open financial fraud and so, disturbingly, forth.

Now, with Romney a characture of ineptness, the shill of a candidate's shill, showing for all to see the reality of the oft-noted but oft-denied decades-long pogrom of and by financial elites to take over and cash-cow the citizenry, much like Private Equity takes over and cash-cows businesses, and destroy anything in society which is not supportive of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, not to mention the astounding and so-revealing incompetence of the elites themselves, one can hope (perhaps this is , finally, the hope Obama avows) to see the Republican Party finally ground down to the ignominious nullity that it so much deserves.

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