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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Note on all the Rosenberg Posts

We certainly do post a lot of DR's material here. In fact, we no doubt far exceed the limit of what was intended by Gluskin-Sheff when they gave us permission to quote DR. However, if you are concerned about the market and the economy, we can not recommend more highly that you get your own subscription (for $1000/yr - see subscription info to right). DR has been the most correct, the most perceptive, and the most data-driven font of information on the Great Recession, by far, of any of the many blogs, books, and articles we have read since the GR started in 2007. Yes, these posts are hopefully interesting and helpful, but one simply can't appreciate the depth and insight to be gained from reading Rosenberg in entirety every day.

It must also be said that our paying close attention to Rosenberg has made a significant contribution to our ability increase the investment total return for Vitus and our clients over these past 5-6 years.

We of course receive no commission for recco-ing DR's missives. Say...

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