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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Romney Won

...the Inevitability Primary in Florida out-and-out on Tuesday night, and only had to outspend Newt Gingrich five-to-one to do it...
Romney won because he had the most money. And because he had the most money, enough of the Tea Party "base," which was supposed to hate him like gum disease, decided thusly: What the hell? The important thing is to get the Muslim Kenyan Usurper Negro out of the White House, so this is the horse we have to ride. There were something like 13,000 commercials aired in Florida over the past couple of weeks. Ninety-two percent of them were negative, the overwhelming number of which said negative things about N. Leroy Gingrich...That is how you win the Inevitability Primary. You buy Inevitability. It doesn't come cheaply---Charles Pierce
Update:  DeLong:
Via @thegarence:
Twitter / @thegaranceGarance Franke-Ruta: MT @thinkprogress: FL TV AD BREAKDOWN: 68% of ads were anti-Gingrich, 23% anti-Romney. 1% pro-Romney

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