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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vitus "Internet Bubble" Post

As a techie for 30+ years, I participated in many ups and downs in techland, mostly up. I certainly was part of the tech bubble of the late '90's. That was manic, and in light of my experience I have thought the recent yelling from many quarters about a new tech stock bubble has been silly.

However... Zillow at 3X the offering on the first day? Zillow's a nice website, but is it a business? Is it even "cool"?

Remember (note to me): We are not talking about the good old days of small IPO's at $200M valuations or IPO's of companies without earnings, The Zillows of the world are real companies with tons of people visiting their websites. Still, Zillow's pop is food for thought.

Of course I do like Paul Kedrosky's comment in this video, to the effect that "If you want (to buy a) cheap (stock), stay away from Tech. Go be a Value investor"

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