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Friday, July 8, 2011

Lion Brings Macs into 21st Century

Using the Mac Os X Lion Gold Master release. Yikes. Google Chrome Beta uses the same cpu that it uses on Windows 7! And, you can actually resize windows!


Mother said, of course, that if you can't say something nice, don't say it. But Mother is not with me at the moment.

Oh - forgot one pet peeve.  Got Windows' performance and Windows' windows.  Check.  Now, how about a "finder" that works more like, uh, Windows - where you can copy something to somewhere in the same window.

Update:  Found Total Finder.  A finder add-on (not a finder replacement - I tried them; none work).  Verdict after one day:  Super!  10 years or so and we'll be able to copy stuff from place to place in the Apple finder.  Of course, by then everything will be in the cloud and there won't be files, per se.  Just names and content.  Maybe that what Apple is thinking:  Why fix a bad thing when it'l be worthless in a few years.  We're trying to move everyone to iPads; let's focus on that.  Sigh.

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