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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rosenberg on dividends

...there is a tangible positive effect here from the tax bill that deserves mention and pertains specifically to dividends.

Under the deal, the top tax rate on dividends will stay at 15%. Had the Bush tax cuts not been extended, high-income earners would have been hit with as much as a 40% tax...

What is interesting was that in the months prior to the tax deal being struck between the White House and the GOP leadership, income/dividend ETFs saw a noticeable deceleration in net inflows — to $698 million in November from $1.7 billion in both September and October. Look for a rebound now that the tax deal has been reached.

Not only that, but at the margin, company boards may have been hesitant to announce a dividend hike in recent months...We may start to see a reversal since the boards now should have a higher comfort level to pay out dividends and see their stock price be rewarded for the action.
---Op. Cit.

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