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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Robert Reich on Bernanke

[Bernanke] continues to talk about pulling money out of the system and raising short-term rates as the economy improves. During Wednesday’s appearance before Congress he made it clear monetary policy won’t be loosened; it just won’t be tightened for a while. And he reiterated that deficits were “unsustainable.”

He admitted unemployment would probably remain high for a long time, and the likelihood of growth was “weighted to the downside,” which in Fed-Speak means we’re still in trouble. And he said the Fed still has the tools to do what’s needed if the economy needs more help.

But would he use the tools now? No. “We need to look at them carefully to make sure we’re comfortable with any steps that we take.” This is like the captain of the Titanic looking carefully at his lifeboats to make sure he’s comfortable with using them as the ship starts sinking.
---RR, 7/21

NB - RR also blasts Obama in the post, but not with specificity.  (He's blasted O with specificity before)  A contentious reading of the whole post would lead one to believe he feels it's better, ie, it's more useful, to complain to B than to O.  He may be right.

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