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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Republicans use the word "Unconscionable"

The Senate – and by this I mean all of the Republicans and Joe Lieberman - failed the people again last night, by failing to pass an economic assistance bill. Why? Because deficit hawks lead by the likes of Ben Nelson said the $77 billion in deficit spending was unconscionable. Note that we gave AIG about twice that. Note, too, that Nelson – and the Republicans – voted for the $1.3 trillion in Bush tax cuts for the rich. By the end of this week over 900,000 of the long term unemployed will not get benefit checks. The rich will still be rich. The GOP has told unemployed Americans that tax breaks for the top 236 richest people in America is more important than they are. That's what's unconscionable
---CK Michaelson, 6/18

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