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Thursday, February 18, 2010

(Semi-Liberal) Economists favor hiring tax-credits.

"We judge that a well-designed hiring tax credit is a well-targeted and economically sound strategy for aiding job creation at this phase of the recovery, and so we support a well-designed hiring tax credit"

Mark Zandi, Justin Wolfers, Laura Tyson, Mark Thoma, Peter Temin, Joseph Stiglitz, Betsey Stevenson, Isabel Sawhill, Dani Rodrik, Robert Reich, Richard Portes, Larry Katz, Barry Eichengreen, Peter Diamond, Brad DeLong, David Cutler, Robert Cumby, Tyler Cowen, Menzie Chinn, Alan Blinder, George Akerlof

Brad DeLong, 2/18  ...To be sent to Pelosi, other Congresspersons

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