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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recommended link

FWIW, I recommend this link, wherein Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, shares his economic world view.

I am attracted to it because of the politics, because I was and still a little bit am, a techie, and, because I was once in a meeting with Eric (at Sun).

(Even though I can drop that last anecdote with obnoxious aplomb, I truthfully can't say I'm a good friend of his...)



  1. There are quite a few positives that are happening underneath all the negatives. One is the lessening of the entitlement attitude and an increased improvement in work ethic among the sluggards of society...

    There is a great chance for vast numbers of people to take advantage of one of the best times in history to ... make a difference and be a leader and BE the change they want to see in the world and others.

    Thanks for your thoughts

    Tom Bailey... I see a large dycotomy from what you are sharing and I am moved and inspired.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I continue to look for positive things to think of and report, although it's hard these days. OTOH, from one of my client newsletters a few months ago:
    " I've mentioned before the late Peter Bernstein's observation that we compilers of various obscure economic factoids very frequently become enamored of our own (self-perceived) erudition, and in our attempts to out-bad-news the other guy, loose track of the fact that "normal" people, blissfully unaware of their pending doom, busy along happily, finding jobs, starting businesses, and living lives."

    That is, as you imply, our future is not, as TE Lawrence told Fisal, "written" by god.