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Monday, December 15, 2008

A few recent what-to-invest-ins from Barrons

The average one-month gain for the smallest 20% of stocks in Januarys following the 10 worst years was 18.7%. Exchange-traded funds holding micro-cap shares, such as PowerShares Zacks Micro-Cap (ticker: PZI) or First Trust Dow Jones Select Micro Cap (FDM), could be good bets that precedent won't be shattered by this crisis. - recent Barrons

We've been trading the two-to-one leveraged [exchange-traded funds].

One is the Ultra S&P ProShares [ticker: SSO] -- for every dollar the Standard & Poor's 500 moves, it moves two dollars. And there's also Ultra Triple Q ProShares [QLD], the Nasdaq 100-version of the SSO. The flip of the QLDs are the QIDs, which are the negative two-for-ones on the Nasdaq.

Citigroup [C] at $5. The interesting thing about Citigroup is that if there's anything that's legitimately too big to fail, Citigroup is it.

I have never owned Berkshire Hathaway [BRK], but if it was cheap enough I'd buy it.

A level, please?

$85,000 to $95,000 [versus $98,000 recently].

--- Barry Ritholtz

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