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Friday, September 18, 2015

My comment on Josh Barro's article on Carly Fiorina at the NYT.

bill n

 lafayette, ca 
Ok, have scanned most but not all the comments. It's clear none of you, esp Barro, know what you are talking about. HP was dead in the fall of 2001. Dead. It would have ceased to exist if not for the merger. Would that make it better for all the people Carley "fired"? Walter Hewett wanted to turn HP into a printer company. Ok - Save 1000 jobs at best. The merger was driven by Tom Perkins, who basically hired Carley. Here's a link to an article by Perkins on what happened. http://is.gd/jDXSFN Ok, it's Breitbart. But the article is correct. It won't kill you to visit the link - you have my word. HP wasn't growing revenue quickly enough? How about no revenue? Better? I'm not a Republican and I think it's sad that Carly has to bow and scrape, and try to be the new Sara Palin, mouthing attendant blithering idiot statements about war, the economy, "entitlements", etc, but the current popular anti-Carly narrative is nonsense at best.

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