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Monday, June 1, 2015

Google Wins Derp Of The Week

Mr/Ms Google:  It's nice to be able to finally set a signature in your Inbox app. It would be even nicer to have the app attach the signature to outgoing messages.
Update 6.3:  Am not the world's best Google operator I guess.  But finally discovered that the Inbox signature feature only works if the email address sent from is an xxx@gmail.com address.

Gmail has "aliases" for sending.  I use several.  One is billn@vituscapital.com.  Vituscapital.com is a valid domain.  But I use my gmail account to send the mail; it is a convenient feature - no need for eleventy-seven email accounts.  And, especially useful in a professional context of course.

Google's Gmail apps for Android and IOS work "correctly" - they send signatures with any aliased address one might choose to use.  Inbox does not.

I mean... Seriously.

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