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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Commentary on Commentary. Non-issues.

Below are several posts which together solve most of the immediate problems of the US.  Not kidding, really.
  • The Maddow video, below, does an Excellent job of running through the list of things which are not immediate problems for the US - or, in some cases, not problems at all.  Then why have that list?  The list is a list of issues which Republicans have been running on for these last years, wasting an enormous amount of everyone's time.  Among the many reasons that Republicans lost the election,  a major one is making major issues of problems which are not problems (Repeal Roe v. Wade:  An attempt to regulate the granular behavior of the approximately 70% of one's fellow citizens whose opinions on abortion differ from one's own is at best a waste of time.)
  • There is no Fiscal Cliff.
  • US Long-term debt is a health care issue - period.  It could be solved quickly and forever by instituting a single-payer system.  The only reason not to do this is so that a small-but-for-some-reason-influential group of Ayn Rand acolytes are able to continue their sacred rites of worship, among which is forcing their "fellow" citizens to pay the heath insurance industry for advertising their obstacle-littered paths to health care access.

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