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Friday, October 19, 2012

More Romney. (sorry...)

A few weeks ago Vitus revealed, not 100% exclusively, Romney's secret plan to revive the economy:  Elect Romney.  We thought it apt to remind our vast following of that in light of the previous post.  Krugman today rephrases: "The true plan is to provide an economic stimulus in the form of Romney’s awesome awesomeness; the cover story is the pretense of having an actual program."

The counterpoint to observing the utter and complete vacuousness of the Romney effort to run for Pres. is that it's just so unbelievable. Surely there's more to Romney than - nothing... Right?

Let's see. Our post down the page a ways: Romney "did not create jobs - he destroyed them. He did not save failing businesses - he looted them. He's not a free-market champion - he's a welfare queen."

He says "I've run businesses. I know how to fix this economy". We will stipulate that Romney knows how to read a balance sheet - that admits him to an exclusive fraternity of tens of millions of others who can do that. Otherwise, he is one-way man. His way. Yes, he has been a part of "business" - the most venal and destructive part. The part no one has figured out how to stamp out without stamping out the magic of free enterprise. He is the rot which grows in the dark crevasses of Democratic Capitalism.  He, personally, is a poster child, the hope and inspiration for the culture of criminality which took over the financial sector and, recently, almost destroyed the world, and may yet. He is, channeling Robert Oppenheimer, the destroyer of worlds. He's not "nothing" for sure. To look at Romney is to see nothing. But to look into Romney is to see the evil which lurks in the sole of every person. We shudder.

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