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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Vitus, admiring a phrase or two of our last post, replied to a commenter on a Krugman blog post observing fun things Romney's friends do in their spare time:

Ron T
Can we talk about the real issues? Like that Obama stifled investigations of the Wall Street fraud by assigning far fewer investigators than the S&L crisis had, despite being 70 TIMES smaller.

Ah. Real issues. Mr. T would have us focus on too few investigators, and ignore the recent orgiastic celebration of ideological “free” marketism which destroyed society for years to come, and the concomitant ascendance of an anti-fact, anti-science, anti-legal, pro-christianista, pro-war medievalness, which currently has the seething mass of 'muraka in thrall.

Get a life, mon.
Update.  The comment bot at NYT apparently thought "orgiastic" too exuberant a word for a family newspaper.  Or something.

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