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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tempest in a Teapot? Actually, not even a Tempest.

Yes, well, JPM is getting a lot of well overdue flack.  Good, and appropriate.  However...  A loss of $2B?    Gimme break, mon.

JPM's book value is about $182B; last fiscal year gross profit was $90B.  Dimon's official net worth is $222M, but unofficially estimated at $3B.  The $2B loss from the Whale trades being widely talked about is 22% of last years profit.  Sure, biggish, but will cause no ripple whatsoever in the running of the "bank".  Dimon is right once again.  Pas de Tempete.

Addition:  Note that Lehman's book value at bankruptcy was 0 or less.  JPM's is now supposedly $160B down from $180B.  Also, it's not clear that JPM has unwound the trade yet, so...  They could in theory still make money on it.

Vitus is all for whacking the banks, but this won't do it we think.  Not close.

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