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Monday, July 18, 2011

Why I'll Vote for Obama Again (Just to Clarify)

Despite the posts below and despite the horrible failure of the Obama administration to do anything whatsoever of substance in reigning in the Banking Class, I'll vote for Obama again.

I voted for Obama in '08 because he was the proffered alternative to Bush, IMO the worst president ever by a very long shot.

I'll vote for Obama in '12 because he is preferable to Palin/Bachmann or whatever other Palin/Bachmann avatar constructed of spare parts emerges from the primordial slime of present-day Republicanism.

We continue to have a feast of bad choices set before us. Obama's more frequent than is comfortable comparisons of himself to Lincoln are revealed to be silly. Warren G. Harding comes to mind. Sigh.
---Bill, your correspondent, the Recovering Republican

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