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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Tax Deal

Krugman remarks:  "Since all the evidence says that elections depend on the rate of change of unemployment, not its level, this is actually bad news for Obama: he’s setting himself up for an economic stall in the months leading into the 2012 election."

Bill:  The real problem for O is that the Repubs will beat the crap out of him in 2012 for increasing the deficit.

He'll say "But, but - Repubs would not do a deal without increasing the deficit".  True, but no one will listen.  The O administration does not know how to communicate, as DeLong has said many times (eg).  Witness also the overwhelming anti-HCRA propaganda.  What was said by the administration in support?  A few random appearances by Christine Romer (who is really good!!) spouting mostly hope.  Same from O.  C'est tout.
Update:  C'est not quite tout.  Krugman:  "To the extent that Obama has had trouble selling that [HCRA] plan, “purists” weren’t a factor; his own lack of effective messaging was."

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