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Monday, August 9, 2010

Warning: Political...

While the US manages to fund two unnecessary wars and the nations wealthiest – those who caused the problems in the first place - get ever richer, most of the rest of America has not has a real-dollar raise since 1973.   While bailed-out bankers carry their bonuses back to gated, guarded communities, the real world communities of the middle class and poor are having police and fire services curtailed, streetlights shut off, public transport abandoned, and libraries closed.  Amid all this the Deficit Commission is planning ways to cut Social Security and Medicare and even ways to freeze the salaries of our mercenaries.  When will the riots begin? Will they become large enough to overcome Homeland Security and the Surveillance State?
---CK Michaelson, 8/9

Bill:  It's arch, but semi-right-on.  Semi:  IMO, we don't need two wars and lots of Neocon nation-building in order to seek-and-destroy terrorist training grounds.  (For example)

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