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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sorry, more on the latter call for government spending

I of course am for government spending to produce jobs.  It's what all the hated Keynesians have been calling for for a long time  (Krugman, Delong, Sitglitz...).

The thing is, if a government-hater like Rosenberg can blithely come out complaining that the government is not spending to produce jobs, maybe that's actually good.

The ridiculous tea-party-boosted candidates will get elected, and, like Rosenberg, not being too worried about maintaining consistency or sustained logic in their positioning, but only about Obama-bashing, they maybe can come into office and get some real government stimulus going, to get us out of our malaise.

Astounding - Democrats are the party of fiscal conservatism; Republicans become the party of government support of the country.  I'll have to switch back to being a Republican.

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