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Monday, August 16, 2010

The central problem we need to tackle is lack of demand

Why no demand?
  • The middle class was left by the cowboy capitalists with a huge debt load and few jobs
  • Business won't invest if they see no one wanting to buy.
How to create demand?  Government.
  • Put ideology aside and create a huge jobs WPA-esque jobs program
  • Eliminate  payroll taxes on the first $20K of income, and make it up with more taxes on (taxable)  incomes over $250K
  • Give states intrest-free loans to (re-)hire teachers, police, fire-fighters, sanitation workers.  Repay when state tax revenues are higher.
Resist Shibboleths
  • Current or pending legislation is not the problem.  The problem was and is cowboy capitalism, which simply stole and continues to steal from good and trusting American middle class
  • Don't extend tax cuts for the wealthy - they save most of their income.

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