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Monday, July 19, 2010

OTOH - Rosenberg offers some positive stats - with asterisk

There have actually been some positives for the markets in recent days and weeks.
  • The earnings season is going as planned thus far 
  • There has been some success in capping the oil spill  
  • Some calm in Europe after the springtime instability   
  • The shift in the public opinion polls towards the right 
  • China’s flexibility on the currency (though the yuan has barely risen) 
  • Obama’s overtures and shift in tone in the mid-East.   
  • And, the National Association of Business Economists continues to forecast sunny times ahead.  
But we still have to ask the question — if things are as bright as the bulls would have us believe, why is the IMF seeking another $250 billion in additional commitments?  More bad debts seem to be coming down the pike.

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