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Thursday, July 15, 2010

iPhone ifoo-ifah

"By the minute things are getting worse for Apple when it comes to the iPhone 4. Steve Jobs is now being directly implicated in iPhone 4 antenna-gate and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-New York) has penned a letter asking Jobs to personally solve the problem. Schumer is calling Apple's current software fix "insufficient."

Last year Steve Jobs was told directly the iPhone's design may hurt the antenna's reception, according to a Bloomberg News report that quoted an unnamed source within Apple. The report says in 2009 Apple senior engineer Ruben Caballero told Apple management, including Jobs, the iPhone's design may hurt its antenna reception. The Bloomberg report also says an unnamed carrier partner brought up concerns about the antenna at that time."
---Yahoo News, 7/15

Yahoo news needs to get a grip.  If I, as techie VP of Engineering (I was), had someone tell me "the iPhone's design may hurt its antenna reception" I'd ask a few questions, but that's probably it.  They got it done, they tested it some, figured a few folks would have problems.  No need to spend a zillion $ to redesign the device, and more importantly to delay it months.  Fix it on rev 2.

I used to sort of like Schumer.  Looks like he's gone bonkers.

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