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Friday, April 30, 2010

Thus passes away the Middle Class

Marketwatch, 4/30:  The future for American jobs isn't in the middle, the kinds of jobs in sales and administration and production that the breadwinner in millions of American middle-class households once held. Those jobs are vanishing and they are not being replaced.
Instead the job prospects will mostly be on the high end, where you'll need an advanced education and a set of specific skills, and the low end, where all you'll need is the constitution to clean motel rooms or wait tables for 12 hours a day.
The big problem here is that education will be critical for future job prospects. But education is costly and getting costlier, and all those middle-class parents whose jobs are disappearing are going to be harder and harder pressed to give their kids the advantages of those educations.
And then pretty soon it may be the middle-class itself that vanishes.
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