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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Resolved: The Economy is Bouncing Back Strongly

I tend to be a devotee of the Dark Side these days - ie, that it bodes ill that U6 Employment continues at about 17%, that house prices, via Case-Shiller, although dropping very much more slowly, continue to drop, and that Consumer Credit continues to tank, with the occasional upward blip.  
There are, however, sure a lot of optimists out there:
"The last two expansions have been 120 months and 92 months, respectively.  If the United States continues to adapt as it has, and if it produces a few more game changers like Google and Apple, there's no reason that the expansion that started in July 2009, against all the odds and predictions, can't last just as long."
---Daniel Gross, Slate, 4/7

Hmmm.  We have about eight more years to produce "a  few more" Googles.  Better get busy.
Actually, this is cool...

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