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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rosenberg discovers the path to Elysian Fields: Cut taxes on the rich!

Now we have what can only be described as a tepid reaction to the jobs crisis with an $85 billion bill making its way through Congress with a most distinctly non-creative cornerstone of a $5,000 payroll tax credit that has shades of the Carter-era quick fixes written all over it. As the WSJ editorial board would agree, if we are going to use the tax system it is permanent reductions in top marginal rates that will ultimately prompt a permanent shift in behaviour — including employers.  (My bold)

--- Rosenberg, 2/11

Bill:  Huh!!??  I (clearly) like and respect DR, but, this is ridiculous.  Solve the many-year employment crash by, of all things, permanently lowering taxes on the highest paid?  Bush was right!  -not-   AARRGGGHHH!  Just when I thought there was one guy who was not an idiot...

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